NWAA Club Rules For Vehicle Events

Purpose: NWAA is an automotive enthusiast club intended for sharing interests in automotive experiences, including driver skills training. NWAA events are for the purposes of entertainment and improving individual skills. NWAA events are not competitive race events.

Primary Rules:

  • Valid Drivers License or permit must be presented at registration for all drivers participating in course driving.
  • Helmets are required. Please plan to bring your own. A few loaners are available.
  • All cars must pass technical inspection. Event chair always has final decision.
  • Work Assignments will be given at the drivers meeting or Registration. Drivers should expect to be at the event for the duration necessary in order to fulfill work assignments. Drivers who fail to fulfil work assignments may be excluded from future events.
  • Driver’s Meetings are normally scheduled around 8:30 am or later dependent on conditions. Drivers are expected to be present at least 45 minutes prior to Driver’s meeting and have completed check in/registration, course walk and Technical Inspection prior to the Driver’s Meeting.
  • Closed toe shoes, preferably lace up, are required for all drivers and passengers. To prevent injury, closed toe shoes will be worn while in the vehicle and while performing work assignments.
  • Proper clothing is suggested as we race in all types of weather.
  • All persons riding in a vehicle during a closed course event must keep all appendages and objects, including handheld electronic devices within the vehicle and not beyond the threshold of any window or opening of the vehicle.. (No hands and cameras out the window). This provision does not apply to electronic devices securely affixed to the exterior surface of a vehicle.
  • Participants, including spectators, are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous, congenial and safe manner. At the discretion of the Event Chair, a person may be required to leave the event for unacceptable conduct, including unsafe or dangerous activity.
  • The consumption of alcohol or use of unlawful controlled substances, including marijuana, from the start of an event (event day registration/tech inspection) to the close of an event (the course is closed for the day) by any person attending an event is strictly prohibited. The Event Chair has final authority to excluded persons engaged in such conduct or who show signs of impairment.